Show Day at Atlantic City ProAm

To say the least - show day was a total nerve-wreck.

I woke up Dec 2nd, the morning of the show and thought to myself "holy shit, I'm stepping on stage today. This is it." I had been preparing for this day for 23 weeks. Twenty-three whole weeks. Some filled with joy due to progress, others filled with stress due to restrictions. The entire ride led to this one day. I was ready to dominate. While getting my hair & makeup done at the host hotel, I wondered about everyone I saw that I noticed was also competing. I wondered if it was their first show, which class they were competing in, I wondered how hard they worked to get there, I even sometimes wondered what happened in their life to make them decide to push themselves to such limits. Of course, some small part of me wondered if they would be competing against me, so naturally I was well aware of all my surroundings. The WBFF staff made it a very easy, effortless morning before the show and for that I was so grateful.

Show time got closer and closer. Every minute from the moment I stepped into the auditorium was uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and if I'm being honest, totally scary. There were SO MANY experienced competitors, all so obviously used to this routine. It was intimidating for the first few minutes, meeting so many new people, but I thought about my journey there and knew I belonged.

Backstage was chaotic. With so many female competitors in one show, there was little space backstage, so we all just had to make it work one way or another. I met this really nice girl, Brooke (a Patriots cheerleader and total sweetheart), we shared our experience from the past 48 hours before that moment and stuck together until the end of the show. I'm sure ladies reading this can relate - we all find that one person we click with in an environment where we're solo, right? Anyway, Brooke and I encouraged each other and other ladies constantly. She even let me use her resistance bands to pump up for the stage. HAHA. (Thanks girl!) Once we were all notified that the Diva Fitness class was up next on stage, it was go-time. I popped in my earphones, played my favorite Sia motivational songs, closed my eyes, and got in my zone. I repeated over and over under my breath "I'm unstoppable. I'm invincible. I'm powerful. I'm unstoppable." I knew I was about to give my absolute best on that stage, I could taste the pride already. The most nerve-wrecking moment was the 5-7 minute wait in line as I got closer to the stage. My heart would just pound harder and harder. I worried I wouldn't smile enough, or maybe I would forget a pose, or trip and fall on my face! The spotlight was about to be on ME and ONLY ME in a room filled with hundreds of people. But I reminded myself again, "I'm unstoppable." I was determined to get on that stage and glow with confidence. I wanted to make my mom proud, I wanted my brothers to feel proud of their sister for pushing this far. I wanted to be an example. I was NOT about to let everyone down, specially not myself. After a few minutes, the competitor before me was done and my number was called. I walked onto that stage and immediately felt the biggest, most freeing, relief and pride in the world. That light shined on me, I looked out at the crowd and could not believe in that moment, that I had done it. As I did my posing routine, my adrenaline was so high I could not even walk without my legs shaking. Once I lined up with the rest of the competitors, I looked out at my family in the front row and at that moment became satisfied and utterly happy with myself. It was a sense of completion I had never felt before. Once I left that stage, I didn't even worry about my placing anymore because I felt I gave it my absolute best and I knew my placing wouldn't add or take away from the joy I already felt.

Earning 2nd place and becoming a WBFF Pro that night was the upmost life-changing experience for me thus far. I pushed past all my limits. For 23 weeks, almost 6 whole months, I followed a strict diet, did hundreds of hours of cardio, cried, pushed through, kept my focus, I fought against my own conscious and temptations. I decided my goal was more important than anything else. I put my goal first, for me. I knew I was capable of reaching extremes if I set my mind to it, but I wanted to test myself and see just how strong my willpower is, and I did not fail to impress. It was an achievement that will forever be responsible for my new outlook on life. Prepping for my first show was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. It takes a level of dedication and commitment that many do not understand. It's an urge to prove to yourself that you CAN exceed in anything you do. Once you're able to stick through a prep, I believe you're able to stick through anything.

The road to competing changed my life and I believe it can do the same for many others. I encourage anyone and everyone to go for it if fitness is something you're passionate about. No one can ever take away the hard work you put into your body and your health, and I believe everyone should push themselves to a limit they initially believe they can't accomplish. Once you envision it, you've got it. You will never fail at something you continue working toward.

Here are some pictures I've never shared before...

The night before the show, at the athlete meeting.
Wish that tan lasted forever...
I was honestly obsessed with my trophy. Still am! 
Safe to say I had enough sweets that night for the entire year.
Hair and makeup was perfection!!!!! Felt like a total princess.
That moment on stage was everything... (I'm the third from left to right on second picture)
Brooke!!!! Such a sweetheart. She won 2nd place in her class, too!! We both became pros that night & shared the excitement afterward.


Thank you for reading. Hope to share lots more with you all!!


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